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Family portrait

The process of developing a highly minimalistic, geometric artwork


August 2020


You might know the feeling: the wall is empty and your hands are scratching to put something up! Since we got a dog, we wanted to hang our pictures together. Why not go one step further?

finding the balance

I wanted to illustrate my fiance Vincent, my dog Popcorn, and myself in a minimalistic angular but soft narrative.

Probably finding the key facial & appearance traits was the hardest thing. For me, it’s the cheekbones and a pointy nose. For my partner, it’s a bushy beard and straight masculine features. For my dog, it’s his chubbiness (he’s only fluffy!) and his left ear that never found the strength to stand up.

Multimedia screen prints

When the illustration was done, I began searching for a screen print studio. Once the screen with your art is ready, copying it across to different media – posters, clothing, etc – isn’t too hard.

Altogether, I got about a hundred unique postcards, a few A3 posters, and two jumpers for myself and my partner.


Biggest thanks to the Groovink studio for high-quality prints and great studio vibes!

Image credit

Anastasiia Kozina (me)
Photography & sketches

Commercial illustration

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