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Managing & returning equipment made easy



June 2018 – Jan 2019


Cramo is a forerunner in equipment rental services across Nordic and Baltic countries. Cramo issued its first mobile solution, MyEquip, to optimize the process of equipment management & return.


Every job site manager deals with an immense amount of information, typically stored in paper format or accessed via desktop. The need for mobility around the job site was ignored – until now!

MyEquip brand needed to be rebranded and revived in the eyes of all Cramo jobsite managers and executives.


Strong collaboration from the get-go

MyEquip MVP was developed by 2 strongly collaborative parties in 2-week sprints: customer-facing interface by Futurice and back-end & cloud services by Cramo.

Continuous validation

MyEquip was continuously validated & improved for efficiency without an allocated prototyping and testing phase.

Regular communication

We held internal review meetings every day, updated backlog & checked-in with the client weekly, and had roughly 3-month long rounds of concept iteration.

MVP worth 6 unique flows & 70+ screens

In-app equipment listing, real-time invoice information, job site profiles, effective search, and more – all in one place. We designed various external touchpoints, e.g. SMS experience, and tested that accordingly.

MyEquip to be used on the go – testing & validation

MyEquip was fully optimised for jobsite managers: on-the-go & effortless equipment selection and transportation requests.

Our team tested 2 versions of the app in both Finland and Sweden through InVision, and got a rapid buy-in from the potential users!

Developed the first set of Cramo’s mobile & interactive brand elements

MyEquip gave us a chance to develop Cramo’s first mobile brand static & interactive elements. I’ve been staying true to the geometric nature and precise colour use of the brand, and validated my choices with Cramo’s Brand Designer consistently throughout the project.

Added uniquity through iconography & illustration for onboarding experience

Despite budget limitations, we used our time smartly. That’s why MyEquip received a fair amount of flair and illustration work on top of UX/UI, and front- & back-end development.

Cramo MyEquip became an important strategic and logistics asset, and it left the right impression on the executives. After the demo, it went into further production, adding invoicing, search, and other essential features beyond MVP.


MyEquip was officially launched in January 2020 after further production with a modified team.


Cramo MyEquip was developed during my gig at Futurice. Hence the project deserves to be attributed to all parties.

Project team

Anastasiia Kozina (me)
Project manager
UX/UI/Visual design

Moa Norström (Cramo)
Product owner

Osmo Haapaniemi
Account manager

Niina Tuikka, Riikka Hänninen
Service design

Jari Suksi, Tomy Salminen
Front- and back-end development


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